Men, listen up because I am not alone.

I AM a girl. Although I am a blessed to be a grandmother (yay!), I prefer to call myself a girl because it keeps me feeling young.

That said, I must admit I could probably be called a Tomboy.  Sure, I would like jewelry or chocolates for Valentine’s Day. But what I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE is a trailer hitch on the SUV so I can hook up my neglected utility trailer.  Oh, the joy of pulling up to my local garden center with my little chariot trailing behind!   Imagining freely transporting home my treasures… straw, chicken tractors, rocks, soil, lumber, and tools…honestly, it makes me positively giddy!

Or, maybe an orchard ladder, garden chipper, food dehydrator, chest freezer, food processor, pressure canner, solar lights for my garden shed?   (I descend from Oregon pioneers.  Perhaps my desire for the practical is in my genes?)

Wallet feeling a little light?  How about a pair of my favorite Atlas nitrile garden gloves, gift certificate to a favorite nursery, a load of compost or rock, a big old ball of garden twine?   See a trend here?

And, Honey, after you have granted at least one of my heart’s desires, you can take me out to dinner!