Today was a real eye-opener, one that was probably long overdue.  Our internet and cellular service were both down.  We have no land line and I sorely missed my connection to the outside world.


I really accomplished a LOT!

I started by sorting and organizing my seeds, cleaning the garden shed, sprucing up the chicken coop. I washed and folded laundry and ran a load of dishes too.  I optimistically sowed some surplus peas outside and some lettuce and chard in the unheated greenhouse.  I gleaned growing info from my seed catalogs!

I was great!  It was unnerving.  When did I become so dependent on connections outside of home?  I LOVE what the internet offers but I am now a little more aware how much it can stealthily steal.  So, I plan to start blocking out some time to just be unwired.  I expect it to be a sort of detox.  I plan to get a lot done.