I finished my first batch of these yesterday.  Daughter thinks they are like corn nuts (I agree).  They also remind me of soy nuts.  In any case, they are quite tasty and packed with nutrition!

I started with instructions from one of my favorite blogs and adjusted to use dried chick peas instead of canned.

Start by either soaking the dried chick peas overnight or opening your can(s) of chick peas.  I started with a couple of cups of dry chick peas and after soaking had at least four cups.  Drain and rinse, then give them a pat to dry them a bit.  I guess the canned ones have some skin you may want to remove (personal preference) but I didn’t find any to speak of on the soaked peas.  If I had, I probably would have left it.

Coat the peas with about a tablespoon of good olive oil and whatever seasonings you choose.  I used a tablespoon of granulated garlic, a teaspoon of sea salt and a bit of ground black pepper.

Spread on two cookie sheets and roast at 400*f for 40 minutes.  Sprinkle with more salt if you like.

Cool and store at room temperature.