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I have found a new love in a most unexpected place.  Chia seeds!  Not just for sprouting fur on funky little figures,  chia seeds are said to be a nutritional powerhouse brimming with fiber, omega 3, protein and minerals.

They can be sprouted,  sprinkled,  baked,  ground and soaked.  My recent obsession is soaking them in a smoothie or making a drink known as Chia Fresca,  a simple concoction of lemon juice,  sweetener,  water and whole chia seeds.   Combine them and soak for at least 10 minutes to allow the seeds to absorb the liquid.   They will form a gelatinous coating similar to the coating on tomato seeds.   The seed within retains a little crunch like a poppy or kiwi seed.   The chia seeds is virtually tasteless,  drawing flavor from the food with which it is combined.

I like to make this drink with cold tea (green,  black,  or whatever you like).  This morning,  I used 1/4 cups tangerine juice claimed from some past prime gems,  topped up with black sun tea, ice and no sweetener.   YUM!   Super refreshing.   I use a straw to keep the seeds stirred in.   The feel of those little bubbles zipping up the straw and into my mouth is hard to describe but I like it!


In my neighborhood,  chia seeds are available at WINCO in the spice section of the bulk foods.   I believe Bob’s Red Mill sells them in bags as well.

What is your favorite way to use them?