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My little hanging chicken feeder became too small for our flock of 5 and the next size up (5 gallon) was way too large to fit into our little A frame hen-house so I scrounged around and came up with this.


You need:

-A plastic coffee can with lid for the hopper (I used a large Folgers coffee can,  the tall one from Costco)

-A tray for the feed well,  about an inch larger than the base of the hopper and approximately 1 inch deep.  I used a plastic plant drip tray I had lying around.   A pie tin would also work.

-3 small nuts with bolts and possibly washers

-a length of cord for hanger (about 2 or 3 feet)

-a pair of sharp utility shears

-a drill and bit

If you want a bigger feeder, or a smaller one, or have different materials available, just use the basic design to do your own thing.  It’s not rocket science.


Using a 3/4 inch bit, I drilled 8 holes spaced evenly (eyeball it)


You will need a pair of sharp utility scissors or a good utility knife to remove the plastic between sets of holes.


Using a drill bit slightly larger than the shanks on your bolts, center the coffee can in the tray and drill through both as shown making 3 holes around the edge and one in the center.


Attach can to tray with nuts and bolts. Run the hanging cord through, tying a big knot underneath.


In the coffee can lid, drill holes as shown, cut 2 half circles, leaving a strip down the center. Run cord up through center hole and out of lid. Snap lid on can and make a hanging loop at desired height. (I use a section of light chain to hang mine because it makes it really easy to adjust height)


Filled and ready to hang!


My girls are notorious for beaking out food, creating unacceptable waste so I cut a donut of some scrap corrugated plastic (I have also used plastic canvas for this) to fit around the hopper and sit on top of the feed tray. Drill holes and cut slots as for the bottom of the hopper.

Hang the feeder at shoulder height.   If your hens are used to a stationary feeder,  you may need to hang it low and gradually lift it as they become accustomed to the motion.

WooHoo!   Free feeder.